Lebanese Young Talents

Lebanese Young Talents, a non-profit and non-political local organization, was founded in 2007 with the mission to identify and support talented young athletes. The NGO then provides them with the right resources to help them thrive while giving them the right tools to balance their professional sports career and their education.

Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision

Zeina Mina

Zeina Mina holds a doctorate in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, after a high-level sports career, punctuated by participation at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, she invested heavily in building Lebanese Sport.

She held the post of Advisor to the Lebanese Minister of Youth and Sports and then became a member of the National High Committee of the VI Jeux de La Francophonie which took place in Beirut in 2009, and heads the sports commission.

In 2008, she created a training and performance evaluation center in Lebanon, an innovative structure in the field of sports expertise called “Performance First”.

She also launched Lebanese Young Talents with the purpose of helping students pursue their education and develop their athletic performance. In addition, she set up a technical baccalaureate in sports at the Lebanese Ministry of Education and created the school “Sports Academy School” which supports young people from the age of 13 with the aim of reconciling studies and physical training.

In 2019, Zeina became the first woman to act as director of the international committee of the Francophone Games in Paris, where she now resides.

Georges Assaf

Dr Georges Assaf holds his doctorate in Sports Physiology at the University of Kinesiology in Zagreb.

He is the co-founder and Technical Director at Performance First Health Club and Sports Academy School.

He’s also made a career as an athletic and rehabilitation trainer, working with many elite athletes and professional teams across Lebanon and the Arab world such as the Football and Basketball National teams as well as being an Olympic coach for track and field athletes.

He’s also currently the Director of the European Diploma for Strength and Conditioning at the Antonine University in Lebanon and a Lecturer at Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University.

Our Values